Southern Staffing Services, Inc.

Clerical Positions

Human Resources Analyst

  • Have at least 2 yrs of HR experience
  • Experience in compensation analysis & flow charts
  • Must be very analytical
  • Various other HR duties

 Administrative Position

  • Must be proficient in Windows, Excel, and Word
  • Data entry speed at least 6500 keystrokes
  • Multi-tasker with good people skills

Business Development Manager

  • Must have marketing, sales, and management experience
  • Must have strong organizational abilities
  • Must travel throughout the state of Georgia
  • Serve as the primary liaison between clients and our program
  • Call on new districts, and educate current clients on existing and new services offered
  • Attend Oral Health Education meetings as well as other events
  • Strive to ensure that each client achieves the optimal level of participation in program offerings

Business Development Specialist

  • Will serve as a liaison between clients and the business development program
  • Must have great customer service skills
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office and data entry
  • Marketing or sales experience preferred but not required
  • Call center experience is a plus
  • Must create and present their own presentations
  • Strong organization skills are required

Business Development Support

  • Will serve as a primary liaison between business development and office
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office
  • Strong organization skills are required
  • Multitasking required
  • Must have the ability to travel throughout the metro Atlanta area
  • Excellent customer relation skills with professionalism are required